Child Theme


First in functions.php – child theme add this new line Create a copy of wpresidence/rtl.css and move it to wpresidence-child folder and make the changes in the wpresidence-child/rtl.css file in a separate area (at the beginning of the file)

Child Theme: How to add links to copyright message

If you wish to add a link in footer copyright text, this has to be done in html. The code would look like this and it would be added in footer.php This change can be added directly to child theme (just re-create the file footer.php with the changes you wish to make and add in […]

How to install child theme

How to install child theme Option 1 – via wp-admin – Install wpresidence theme – – Find in the theme pack downloaded from theme forest the folder (download all files and documentation from theme forest and unzip) – Go to Themes – Appearance – Upload the folder and activate child theme. – Save Primary […]

How to make child theme changes to work with theme Minifiy option enabled

In order to make child theme changes to work when Minifiy option is enabled, check the following steps: Create style.min.css file by copying css from style.css file and convert it. We created style.min.css  using this site:  Upload style.min.css file in child theme folder. 2. Replace get_template_directory_uri from child theme with get_stylesheet_directory_uri 3. Replace style.css with style.min.css

How to add translated .po files in child theme

If you wish to use the child theme we offer with the theme pack, see below video: The child theme includes some translations received from our clients which are more or less complete. To edit a translation, as shown in the video you can use LOCO TRANSLATE plugin (which is easier) or edit directly with […]

Technical How to: Child theme

In this document we will try to explain how you can work with child theme in order to customize your website. The theme pack comes with an already made child theme. Please activate and use this one. Css code All the custom css code must be put in the child theme style.css. When WordPress will […]