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Remove Advance Search from single blog post

Use this css and add in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css .single-post #search_wrapper, .single-post #adv-search-header-mobile{ display: none!important; }

1.17 Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

Starting 1.17 from theme options you control if you wish the lists for agents, properties or blog posts to be on 3 columns or 4 columns. From the same area you set the minim height for the card (agent card, property card or blog card): Card height is useful when you create your own property […]

Technical how to : similar articles / similar blog posts

The related posts code is located in templates/related_posts In there we create the similar query by using the tags of the currents posts ‘tag__in’ => array($first_tag), The actual query is made at line 28 $my_query = new WP_Query($args); while the blog list display is made via get_template_part(‘templates/related_post_unit’); Please note that for related posts we use […]

Technical how to : change blog details ( in blog page)

The page for the blog post is single.php In there we display the title arond line 15 if (esc_html( get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘post_show_title’, true) ) != ‘no’) { ?> <h1 class=”entry-title single-title” ><?php the_title(); ?></h1> <?php } while the actual content is displayed at line 52 the_content(‘Continue Reading’); The image slider is loaded at line 51 via […]

Technical how to : change blog details ( in blog list)

The blog units / blog cards displayed in the blog list can be changed by working on 2 files templates/blog_unit.php – for the full width blog type templates/blog_unit2.php – for the grid type list In there we load and displa the title and link using $link = get_permalink(); $title = get_the_title(); and the image with […]


SIMILAR POSTS AND SIMILAR PROPERTIES Related Listings on Property Page display the last 3 published listings from the same category, action and city. Related Articles on Blog Post display the last 3 post with the same Tag.  


To create a Blog List page, you need to create a page with Blog List template