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Design Theme Settings – Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

From  Design Theme Settings – Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings You can modify the following options: Unit Card Type You can choose between 5 unit types for properties: Default unit:                      Design type 1: Design type 2: Design type 3: Design type 4: No of property […]

Similar post and similar properties

SIMILAR POSTS AND SIMILAR PROPERTIES Related Listings on Property Page display the last 3 (by default) published listings from the same category, action and city. You can change the number of listsing displayed from Theme Options-General-Apperance- Related Articles on Blog Post display the last 3 post with the same Tag.  

Blog List Page

To create a Blog List page, you need to create a page with Blog List template These are the options to display blog posts on the blog post lists: 3 cards per row With this option on, there will be 3 cards per row (if the page doesn’t have a sidebar) or 2 cards per […]

Custom Header Media Options

Video tutorial The theme allows you to set global header for all pages, posts, properties, agents, taxonomies, archive pages. This is managed from Theme Options -> Header Settings.  Help – Custom Header Media Options For every page you can choose a different header media option from this list: GOOGLE MAPS, REVOLUTION SLIDER, THEME SLIDER, […]