Agent & Blog Posts

1.30.1 Multiple Agents for property

Starting 1.30.1 theme version we have added the feature to be able to assign a property to more than one agent. The feature is made for back-end only.  The admin will be able to assign the agents to the property from Agent section in Property Details: You can select more agents with CTRL.  To reset […]

Add a new custom field for agent

There are 2 places where you need to add new agents fields – in wp-admin  and on profile page front end For  wp-admin – on add/edit agent page  you have the function  estate_agent  that keeps all the input forms   Just duplicate the form for an already made field.   Then in metaboxes.php file add […]

How to remove notes from Featured Agent shortcode

Remove the notes with this css .featured_agent_notes { display: none; } Make the details visible with this CSS .agent_featured_details { opacity: 1; position: relative; display: block; } Optional, remove the MY LISTINGS button with this css .featured_agent_listings.wpresidence_button { display: none; }

How to change “No Reply” and Sender Email for theme notifications

Theme notifications will include a default Name (No Reply) and a default sender email ( To change these 2 elements, you can use a plugin called CB Change Mail Sender Edit and save the sender and email options And the notifications will include your info. Example More about theme contact forms: About contact forms  

1.17 Boxed Border Radius and Boxed Container Shadow Settings

Starting version 1.17 you can control the radius of the boxed cards and the shadow of boxed cards. These are controlled from theme options – Other Design Tab In default design we use radius for different elements and shadow for the property card, agent card and blog list card. Your changes will replace default design. See […]

How to remove agent responsible

We have 3 options: a. Admin submits property = no agent/user info shows b. User submits property with subscriber level, his user info + contact shows on property c. b can be overwritten with agent info (agent being a custom post type) by selecting agent responsible from admin – edit property: To remove user/agent info […]

About contact forms

This help sums all options offered by the theme regarding Contact Forms. Contact forms for agent /  user show if: a. Admin assigns agent to property manually from admin b. Theme assigns agent and / or user responsible to the property submitted by  the  user from front end (see this help If the property is […]

Agent Taxonomies

Agent custom taxonomies are: Agent category, agent action, agent city, agent neighborhood, agent county/state To add a new category in either taxonomy use Add New. From the list you can Edit or Delete the taxonomy. Let wordpress create the slugs. To add the custom taxonomies in menu – enable them from Menu Screen Options, then […]

How to change agents order on agent list page

Agents are listed by publish date. Most recent are listed first. Change publish date to change order. To change order in code and make agents go alphabetically, go to agents_list.php Instead of $args = array( ‘cache_results’ => false, ‘post_type’ => ‘estate_agent’, ‘paged’ => $paged, ‘posts_per_page’ => 10 ); Add 2 more options: orderby and order […]