Agent, Agency and Developers

1.30.6 Custom text fields option for each agent

Agent custom fields are text fields that can be added for each agent from: Admin – add/edit agent Front end – My profile (agent account) Developer or Agency – My Agents – Add/Edit agents – How to work with Inbox Private Message System

Enable Private Message system for theme default contact form: Make sure you have a page created for the INBOX in user dashboard The message system button will be seen on contact form on property page and agent / agency / developer profile page. Messages will be seen and replied to from INBOX page

1.30.1 Multiple Agents for property

Starting 1.30.1 theme version we have added the feature to be able to assign a property to more than one agent. The feature is made for back-end only.  The admin will be able to assign the agents to the property from Agent section in Property Details: You can select more agents with CTRL.  To reset […]

How to remove notes from Featured Agent shortcode

Remove the notes with this css .featured_agent_notes { display: none; } Make the details visible with this CSS .agent_featured_details { opacity: 1; position: relative; display: block; } Optional, remove the MY LISTINGS button with this css .featured_agent_listings.wpresidence_button { display: none; }

How to change “No Reply” and Sender Email for theme notifications

Theme notifications will include a default Name (No Reply) and a default sender email ( To change these 2 elements, you can use a plugin called CB Change Mail Sender Edit and save the sender and email options And the notifications will include your info. Example More about theme contact forms: About contact forms  

1.17 Boxed Border Radius and Boxed Container Shadow Settings

Starting version 1.17 you can control the radius of the boxed cards and the shadow of boxed cards. These are controlled from theme options – Other Design Tab In default design we use radius for different elements and shadow for the property card, agent card and blog list card. Your changes will replace default design. See […]

1.17 Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

Starting 1.17 from theme options you control if you wish the lists for agents, properties or blog posts to be on 3 columns or 4 columns. From the same area you set the minim height for the card (agent card, property card or blog card): Card height is useful when you create your own property […]