4. Advanced Search Settings

Advanced Search custom fields setup

Here is a short video how to manage advanced search fields options (how to add default fields and how to add your own custom fields)   —- How to enable custom fields: To set how many fields to show (works ONLY with custom fields YES) To enable Tabs in Search and select what Tabs categories […]

Advanced Search Settings – Theme Options

All settings regarding Advanced Search form can be found in Theme Options-Search-Advanced Search Settings. Screenshots below explain how to use Advanced Search Options: Advanced Search type You can change the Advanced Search type. This option applies globally on all header types. You can choose between 9 types. Read about each type here – http://help.wpresidence.net/category/advanced-search-settings/ Use Saved […]

Show Advanced Search Options

Search in header: *this applies only for web search. For resolutions under 768px the header search is replaced by mobile search. You can make the search in header show GLOBALLY (for all pages/posts) Or you can make the search in header show for specific page Other search options Search Shortcode (you can add in any […]

1.30.4 – Radius Search | Geolocation Search for Half Map

The radius search is managed from Search Settings – Geolocation Settings and applies only for the half map style page (advanced search results, properties list half page and taxonomy half-if that is enabled) You can enable / disable this option entirely, you can show the radius in miles or km, you can set the minim […]

Rio Demo – Colors for Tabs in Advanced Search

.adv_search_tab_item.active { background: #445A8C!important; color: #fff; border: 1px solid #445A8C!important; } .adv_search_tab_item.sales{ border: 1px solid #D67B04; background: #D67B04; } .adv_search_tab_item.foreclosure{ border: 1px solid #DC663C; background: #DC663C; } .adv_search_tab_item a{ color:#fff; } .adv_search_tab_item.rentals{ border: 1px solid #0489C2; background: #0489C2; } .adv_search_tab_item { text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 600; letter-spacing: 1px; }

Advanced Search Form Settings -Theme Options

Starting 1.18 version we have new search types that require additional settings from Theme Options-Search-Advanced Search Form. These are the options that can be found in Advanced Search form section: Use Custom Fields For Advanced Search 2. Number of Search fields to show in search With this option, you will be able to set how […]

Which are the options to control Advanced Search over theme header

1. If you use the option to show search over header image / theme slider / rev slider from theme options – help screenshot, the option applies for all the pages with such headers. 2. If you select to show or not advanced search, it is for all headers 3. If you wish to not show search in […]