4. Advanced Search

Theme options – Advanced Search Form

New search types that require additional settings from Theme Options->Search->Advanced Search Form. These are the options that can be found in the Advanced Search form section:   Number of Search fields to show in search and No of Search fields per row With this option, you will be able to set how many fields will […]

Advanced search shortcode

Add shortcode with WPBakery Page Builder Add shortcode block in Gutenberg editor Add shortcode from the classic editor with WPBakery Page Builder Select this option: You can continue using the classic Editor for Posts and Pages with Bakery Builder by Installing the Classic Editor plugin: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-update-wordpress-to-5-0-version-gutenberg-editor/ Add shortcode block in Gutenberg editor Wp Residence is WordPress 5.0 ready […]

Search Theme Options – Radius Search | Geolocation Search for Half Map

The radius search is managed from Search Settings -> Geolocation Settings and applies only for the half map style page (advanced search results, properties list half-page and taxonomy half-if that is enabled) You can enable/disable this option entirely, you can show the radius in miles or km, you can set the minim and maxim radius […]


How to Enable Save Search feature Step 1: Admin creates the page for displaying saved searches in user dashboard or you import it with demo content import Step2: Admin enables the save search options and sets in theme options if emails about new properties that match saved searches should be emailed daily or weekly User gets […]

Advanced Search Type 1 and type 4

You can choose the search type from Theme Options- Search-Advanced Search Type Type 1 – has the search button full on the right. Type 4 – has the search button position after the fields These Advanced Search types can be customized, they work with or without custom fields. You can choose how many fields will […]

Advanced Search Type 2

Search type 2 shows only one default pages, posts or properties header media. How Search type 2 applies only for header search and looks like this The quick search does not work with pins search over the map when selecting search options. You can only find results if you click the Search Properties button When […]

Advanced Search Type 3

Search type 3 is the vertical search style we showcase in demo 5 For this search type, there are particular settings you must follow Search type 3 must always have the option “Use Float Search Form” set to YES Configure this option as in this screenshot Set the margin-top values for the search form to align […]

Advanced Search type 5

The Advanced Search type 5 can be customized, it will work with or without custom fields. The design is fixed to header media bottom. Header media means: Google Maps or Properties Slider or Revolution Slider or Image. This is one example, with header Revolution Slider. Search type is set in Advanced Search Settings: You can enable […]

Advanced Search Type 6

Search type 6 supports tabs for the search over header media and allows to add different search fields for each tab. As examples, you can check search type 6 with the theme main demo – https://wpresidence.net/, London Demo – https://london.wpresidence.net/ and Tokyo Demo – https://tokyo.wpresidence.net/   How to enable Search Type 6 Search search type 6. […]

Advanced Search type 8

Search type 8 includes 2 default fields: auto-complete for the city, area, state fields + a 2nd dropdown taxonomy field All Types OR All Actions (depends on what you select as the source for the tabs – see below). It will show only over theme header media – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/global-header-options/ You can test it on this […]

Advanced Search type 10

Search Type 10  syncs the same fields in: Mobile Search, Search shortcode, Search widget, Half Map search Demo with Search Type 10 – https://london.wpresidence.net/ How to manage settings Set search type 10 from theme options Enable Custom fields Set custom fields Search type 10 will include 2 default fields. Extra custom fields can be shown in the […]

Advanced Search Results Half Map Style

Go to Theme Options – Appearance – > Property List Type for Advanced Search ->  HALF MAP -> Choose Map Position and Save Half map position setting applies to Properties List Half, Taxonomy Page list Half and Advanced Search Results map half. The page will show the map on left or right as in these […]

Advanced Search Results – Standard Style

Step1: Check the Search Results page exists in admin – pages Step2: Go to Theme Options – Appearance – Property List Type for Advanced Search – STANDARD and save. Step3: The results page will have these sort/list options included: Step 4: This page header can be set to Google Maps or Rev Slider or Image or NONE […]

Advanced Search Widgets

The widget works same as Advanced Search in Google Maps (has the same fields). Results are filtered and show on the Advance Search custom template.

Advanced Search custom fields setup

CONTENT Enable custom fields Set how many fields to show Enable Location Field Property Taxonomies: City, Area, State, Type, Category Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Rooms Country Keyword Dropdown custom field Text Custom Field Number Custom Field Date Custom Field Price Slider in Advanced Search How to enable custom fields: Set how many fields to show Works ONLY […]

Show Advanced Search Options

Search in header: *this applies only for web search. For resolutions under 768px the header search is replaced by mobile search. You can make the search in header show GLOBALLY (for all pages/posts)   Or you can make the search in header show for specific page Other search options Search Shortcode (you can add in […]

Rio Demo – Colors for Tabs in Advanced Search

.adv_search_tab_item.active { background: #445A8C!important; color: #fff; border: 1px solid #445A8C!important; } .adv_search_tab_item.sales{ border: 1px solid #D67B04; background: #D67B04; } .adv_search_tab_item.foreclosure{ border: 1px solid #DC663C; background: #DC663C; } .adv_search_tab_item a{ color:#fff; } .adv_search_tab_item.rentals{ border: 1px solid #0489C2; background: #0489C2; } .adv_search_tab_item { text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 600; letter-spacing: 1px; }   Help for custom css: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css/

Remove Advanced Search from single blog post / property

Use this css and add in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css to remove search from single blog post .single-post #search_wrapper, .single-post #adv-search-header-mobile{ display: none!important; } Use this css to remove search from single property .single-estate_property #search_wrapper,.single-estate_property #adv-search-header-mobile{display: none!important;} Help for custom css:  http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css  

Remove Header and Advanced Search only From Property Page

Use this css in child theme or in design – custom colors -custom css To remove Advanced Search .single-estate_property #search_wrapper{ display: none!important; } To change header header from theme options If you use a full header slider, the slider will replace the header media options Help for custom css: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css/

I am not redirected to advanced search results.

If the search button is not redirecting you to the search results page check the following settings. 1. Make sure Permalinks are set to Post Name That menu is accessed from here: 2. Check the search results page template exists. This page is included with the theme activation, however, you may have deleted it by […]

How to disable pagination on advanced search results/property lists

If you are using the classic template you need to go to templates/normal_map_core.php and delete this line <?php wpestate_pagination($prop_selection->max_num_pages, $range =2); ?> Is around line 294 If you are using the half_map_core delete the same code as above- around line 167 Since the property list and advanced search results use the same templates to display […]

How to add custom property ID to search

First Remove the Automatic ID from front end – Property Page with this CSS. #propertyid_display{ display:none; } To add a new custom field for property custom ID go to General – Custom fields:   This is an example to add the manual ID as numeric field type Then you can add this field in advanced search:   […]

How to show on mobile the same header search too

Some search types can be too long and that’s why mobile search replaces header search after certain resolutions. The mobile search is closed by default and when click to open it shows all fields To hide mobile search and show the header search you will need custom css: This css may need to be adapted […]

How to make mobile advanced search open by default

To make mobile search open by default add this css in theme options – design – custom css @media only screen and (max-width: 768px){ #adv-search-mobile { display: block!important; } } Result: How to add Custom CSS directly in theme options – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css/