Advanced Search Settings

1.30.4 – Radius Search | Geolocation Search for Half Map

The radius search is managed from Search Settings – Geolocation Settings and applies only for the half map style page (advanced search results, properties list half page and taxonomy half-if that is enabled) You can enable / disable this option entirely, you can show the radius in miles or km, you can set the minim […]

Rio Demo – Colors for Tabs in Advanced Search { background: #445A8C!important; color: #fff; border: 1px solid #445A8C!important; } .adv_search_tab_item.sales{ border: 1px solid #D67B04; background: #D67B04; } .adv_search_tab_item.foreclosure{ border: 1px solid #DC663C; background: #DC663C; } .adv_search_tab_item a{ color:#fff; }{ border: 1px solid #0489C2; background: #0489C2; } .adv_search_tab_item { text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 600; letter-spacing: 1px; }

Advanced Search button redirects you always to the same page. What to check.

If you have this situation: Clicking on the Search Properties button redirects you always to the same page. Check first if the page for advanced search results is created   Don’t set Advanced Search results as homepage. Make sure Permalinks are set to custom   Check theme installation A wrong theme install (theme copied inside […]

Advanced Search Results Page – Standard Style

Go to Theme Options – Appearance – Property List Type for Advanced Search – STANDARD and save. The results page will have these sort / list options included: Live example url: This page header can be set to Google Maps or Rev Slider or Image or NONE from edit page – select header type settings: How to […]

Advanced Search type 8

Search type 8 includes auto-complete for the city, area, state fields + a 2nd dropdown taxonomy field All Types OR All Actions (depends on what you select as the source for the tabs – see below). You can test it on this demo Specifications about how Type 8 Search works: 1. Search type 8 shows only […]

Advanced Search type 3

Advanced Search type 3 looks nice on tall headers. If you choose this header type make sure that the map/slider height is tall enough to fit the entire search box. You can change the search type from Theme Options-Search-Advanced Search Settings. This is how it will look with the default fields This search form can […]

1.18 Advanced Search type 7

Search type 7 supports tabs for the search over header media.  The design is fixed to header media bottom. Search type 7 works only with custom fields enabled. First select type 7 from Advanced Search Settings: Then go and select which taxonomy you wish to use as categories source for the tabs. SAVE. Next select the categories to show in […]

1.18 Advanced Search type 5

The Advanced Search type 5 can be customized, it will work with or without custom fields. The design is fixed to header media bottom. Header media means: Google Maps or Properties Slider or Revolution Slider or Image. This is one example, with header Revolution Slider. Search type is set in Advanced Search Settings: You can enable […]

Advanced Search Type 1 and type 4

  You can choose the search type from Theme Options- Search-Advanced Search Type Type 1 – has the search button full on the right. Type 4 – has the search button position after the fields These Advanced Search types can be customized, they work with or without custom fields.   You can choose how many […]