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Starting 1.19 the theme supports YELP API which will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this:

How it works

First check if YELP API works for your country.

See here https://www.yelp.com/factsheet the list of countries where Yelp is available.

If it exists in your country and if you wish to enable this option on property page, follow these steps. If you don’t fill in anything, Yelp doesn’t apply.

Go to admin – theme options – advanced – YELP settings

Then signup with YELP and go here when you are logged in https://www.yelp.com/developers/v2/ to get the info requested in the YELP settings.

Start in API settings – Create Key

Fill in the info

Copy the keys to your wpresidence theme – admin

In theme options you can select which categories and how many results to show for each category. You can also select distance to be in miles on km